Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?” Shared by Jesse LeMay

One of the most significant discussions for leaders involves attitude. We know the contrast between good and bad attitudes followed by right and wrong attitudes.

The attitude of a leader makes the difference for followers. Today’s thought is one that emphasizes this truth. Consider the contagious nature of attitudes.

We know the destructive influence of an attitude that is negative, self-centered, sadistic, apathetic, and indifferent.

At the same time, we also know the powerful influence of an attitude that is positive, self-less, compassionate, and thoughtful.

Both of these ideas are contagious, but consider the question: Is our attitude worth catching?

Perhaps the most important question to consider is what can we do to improve our attitude?

We need to be careful what we allow into our mind. Think – garbage in, garbage out (GIGO).

Develop positive affirmations and write them down.

Avoid emotional “vampires” who tend to suck the joy out of any good situation.

Set and achieve daily goals.

Act like a “maniac.” MaryAnn Troiani says “happy people are manics on a mission.”

Biblical Leadership 101…Part 3

Biblical leadership continues to be the focus of our posts and the direction needed today is seeking the mind of Christ.

Understanding the magnitude of this thought flows out of the words Paul wrote to the church at Philippi. Paul clearly identifies the need for Christians to have the same mind that was in Christ (Phi. 2:5), but what is that mind?

We read the description of who Christ is, what He did, and the result. The basis of this thought, however, goes back to the first few verses of this chapter. Notice the phrases that characterize this mind that Paul wants all of us to possess.

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit.

With humility of mind regard others as more important than yourself.

Do not look out for your own interests.

Look out for the interest of others.

These four phrases can be summed up in the life of Christ: a selfless humility that puts others above self.

When leaders seek the mind of Christ, character development takes on the greatest focus: Jesus and others. This is a winning combination for leadership.

One Powerful Question…

Numerous words convert sentences into questions: what, will, how, when, where, and who? These words validate the importance of questions that determine the information needed to assess and make necessary conclusions.

There is one word, however, that takes a level of preeminence and it is necessary to challenge the core of who we are and what we do as leaders. Why?

Nothing else needs to be added to this word to complete a question. Children are famous for asking this question regarding every answer given by parental and educational authority. Why?

This word alone penetrates the heart of our motives, actions, attitudes, and decisions. Considering the purpose and direction of our leadership, we need to ask – why?

Why do we seek to influence others for the cause of Christ?

Why are we interested in improving the quality of work produced?

Why would we challenge past procedures and consider change?

Why is it necessary for us to work harder and longer than others?

The answer to these and hundreds of other such questions will guide us to “make a difference.” This is the answer to the question – why?

Leadership Word Of The Week…Ambition

Every leader needs ambition: a strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

When Paul wrote to the church at Corinth, he emphasized the necessity of making it our ambition to be pleasing to the Lord (2 Co. 5:9).

Imagine the power of leadership when strong desire, determination, and hard work are exerted toward pleasing the Lord.

Ambition based on this purpose will guide every area of life and leadership.

Our role in the marriage relationship or parenting changes when our ambition is to please the Lord.

The integrity of our character and work ethic on the job are viewed differently when our ambition is to please the Lord.

The influence of our conduct toward neighbors and friends has impact when our ambition is to please the Lord.

The nature of our service within the Lord’s church shows the world we are His disciples, when our ambition is to please the Lord.

What value would be placed on our leadership if the whole of our life and leadership were based on ambition such as this?

Conflict Resolution…Part 1

One constant in life is “conflict.” The reality of conflict for leaders needs to be understood if we are going to bring resolution.

At least three reasons explain why conflict exists and play a part of leadership.

1) We live in a complex and diverse world. Regardless of the country, the use of technology, cross-cultural variances, language, along with generational and gender differences, only add to the complexity and diversity.

2) We interact with people. The interaction between various personality types stemming from cultural differences will always raise the issue of conflict.

3) We cannot control every situation. One of the greatest reasons for conflict is the fact that we are not in control of every situation. For the “A” personality types, this truth is frustrating.

Knowing these reasons, however, is not enough. We are all aware of the fact that conflict exists and, for some of us, these conflicts are greater now than ever before.

The question we need to consider is – how do we deal with the conflict when it comes?

Over the next few weeks, we want to consider several areas regarding how we deal successfully with conflict.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“The day you quit getting better is the day you better quit.” Unknown origin

While recently teaching a class on leadership, one of the students mentioned this thought as he heard it from his father while growing up.

The emphasis of this thought is based on the need for continual improvement in our lives.

We point to this idea frequently, but it cannot be overstated. Leaders, as well as, all of us need to be constantly working to improve.

As parents, leadership in the home is an area requiring more attention to provide a foundation for future leaders of the home.

Leadership on the job is also needed to help implement direction for the success of any organization.

Leadership in the church is also a necessity if there is any hope for the message of truth to remain sound, souls to be saved, faith to be strengthened, and generational leadership to be sustained.

Much more could be addressed, but the point is the same. With fervor, we must pursue the improvement of who we are and what we do as leaders.

Biblical Leadership 101…Part 2b

We began this post last week by examining the thought of kingdom priority. Considering the need to seek God’s justice, leadership in His kingdom must be a priority to all who assume such a position.

Kingdom priority, however, goes deeper as it relates to the church Jesus came to build, the kingdom to which Peter was given the keys.

How much priority do we give to or place upon the church? When we look to our left and right, and we think about our brothers and sisters in Christ, what priority do we give to that relationship?

When there is a need among our spiritual family, is there an urgent importance associated with the need?

With the frequent bombardment of “anti-Christian” / “anti-church” comments from the world, where do we rank our response to kingdom priority?

As we read about the need to be united, forgive and show preference to one another, and demonstrate compassion, how do others see the priority of God’s kingdom?

The way we treat others, both within and without, establishes the way our priorities are evaluated and the reach of our influence as leaders.