Prove It…

Can we prove our leadership? The question implies a measure of evidence. To claim we are a leader does not make us a leader. Simply because people follow out of compulsion, does not identify us as a leader. Wearing a title does not make us a leader, either.

What evidence can we produce to prove our leadership? Are people willing to follow?

The proof of our leadership may best be determined by our answers to the following questions.

Do we possess a love for those who follow, seeking their highest good?

Are our goals driven by spiritual or selfish desires?

From what basis do we make our decisions?

Examining the proof of our leadership identifies both how we lead and the nature of our leadership.


Elegance and Precision…

Many words characterize this year’s Winter Olympics. Elegance and precision are two.

Elegance involves grace and style.

Precision is described as exact and accurate.

These two words also characterize a uniqueness within leadership.

Jesus epitomized elegance and precision. Every word was exact and accurate. Every demonstration of power was intentional and purposeful.

Leaders today must constantly work to perfect spiritual leadership. We need to think, plan, and execute with elegance and precision every aspect of leading others to and for Christ. Every word should be carefully chosen. Every action should purposed by God’s will. Doing so ensures unique leadership.

Leadership and Sacrifice…

To lead is to sacrifice. Sacrifice is found at every level of leadership. When will the sacrifice need to be made? How large of a sacrifice will be necessary?

Perhaps above all, are we willing to make the sacrifice?

If we go below the surface and examine Paul’s leadership, we will find a leader who made great sacrifice. His level of sacrifice is exemplified throughout his writings. He speaks of sacrifices made in the past, present, and future. Whatever it took, he was willing to do.

We could spend weeks considering all the sacrifices required of leaders today. Regardless of what may come to mind, let us arise and make the necessary sacrifices to lead. God demands it and the church depends on it.

No More Waiting…

Do we know what should be done? Why are we waiting?

Do we have the ability and resources to make it happen? Why are we waiting?

Souls are waiting. The church is waiting. Our God is waiting.

God has given us the ability and resources to make it happen.

Why are we waiting?

With so much at stake, will procrastinating be worth it?

Generally, we make application to one who delays obedience to the gospel. The same is true for leading.

We need to challenge our excuses. We cannot wait any longer. Paul’s words to the church at Corinth should be remembered. Act like men. Leadership will not wait!

Is Something Missing?

If the church where you and I attend were to disappear tomorrow, would anyone in the community know? Would anyone care?

Those two questions are chilling and convicting for me. I fear the answers and it directly relates to the impact we have in the world where we live.

Have we become so inward-focused that we no longer recognize the influence the church must have in the community?

Something may just be missing in our leadership and we need to consider what can be done––what must be done––to lead God’s people in rebuilding the reputation of the church.

What Makes Leadership Unique?

A number of individuals in scripture stand out as being unique. One in particular is Ehud. Little is written about him, but he was the only judge identified as left-handed.

Among numerous evidences, our fingerprints point to an all powerful, wise, and unique God. These fingerprints make us unique.

What makes our leadership unique, or is it unique? Is there a unique characteristic, ability, or approach?

In spiritual leadership, we have something unique to offer. Nothing else compares. Spiritual leaders today must think souls. Extend an offer unique and eternal. Read 1 Peter 1:4 and rethink our unique leadership.

Servant Leaders…

What makes a great leader? Achievement? Financial independence? Educational degrees? Business accolades?

Consider the mindset of a servant leader.

A servant leader desires the benefit of others above self.

A servant leader focuses on the goal of the whole not a select few.

A servant leader leads with passion and compassion.

A servant leader gives more than they take.

A servant leader sacrifices willingly and lovingly.

A servant leader understands the importance of a good example.

A servant leader focuses on every person they meet.

A servant leader values every second of every minute.

A servant leader follows the greatest leader who was a servant of all!