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Leadership Word Of The Week…Decisive

One of the qualities of good leaders is being decisive. In a recent discussion with a friend, the subject of nurses in Critical Care Units came up. He had experienced some time in the CCU after surgery and he specifically noted a difference in the type of nurses who worked in this unit versus the regular floor nurses.

When I inquired as to the difference, the main idea expressed involved their quick decisiveness in emergency situations.

Obviously, as leaders not every situation will be one of an emergency level. However, to hesitate can cost one’s leadership severely.

While there are thousands of decisions we make each day, i.e. what clothes to wear, food to eat, places to visit, etc. Most of these decisions are inconsequential.

There are some decisions that have eternal consequences, i.e. who we marry, how children are trained, where we live, people we associate with, obeying God’s word, etc.

Therefore, the decisiveness of spiritual leaders can change the eternal destination of others who follow their leadership.

Be decisive and lead with eternity in view. Think Souls!


Comfort In Time Of Tragedy…

Everyone is aware of the recent tragedy in Colorado where 12 people lost their lives and multiple others were injured when a young man walked into a movie theater and began shooting.

The outpouring of love, memorial service, websites dedicated to those left behind, and the articles written demonstrate how such an event touches us.

However, what can be said to comfort the families who are hurting? How can we provide answers to why an event such as this occurs? Where can solace be found?

We know words written on a page or spoken from our hearts cannot replace their loss.

At times there is comfort in silence, a gentle hug, a prayer, and time.

I am not certain how God works in every situation to heal and comfort the hurting. For me, a hug and prayer can make a difference.

I may not find all the answers I am seeking, but knowing God is there and that He is working in every situation helps me find hope beyond the present.

Let us all lead with the compassion of God to comfort others in time of tragedy.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“We are creating tomorrow’s society of citizens through the social sector, everybody is a leader, everybody is responsible, everybody. Self-assessment can and should convert good intentions and knowledge into effective action – not next year but tomorrow morning.” Peter F. Drucker

It would be easy to spend several posts dealing with every detail of this quote. However, there is one specific area necessary for our attention. Notice the emphasis at the end of the quote on immediate effective action.

Too often the thought of making changes in our lives involves a future time; the first of the week, first of the year, or when other areas of life improve.

When it comes to changes we know we need to make, why would we put those changes off for another time. If we need to make them, then we should make them now.

Leaders should help others see the changes to be made and provide the tools and encouragement to make those changes.

When we examine where we are and where we need to be, applying the knowledge we have gained into effective action is where growth occurs.

How Will Our Leadership Be Remembered?

The mind is powerful and there is no way to explore how our mind works or how much of the brain remains untapped.

It is fascinating just to think about the ability we have to remember. We are able to remember events from many years before. We are also able to remember dates, places, names, smells, sounds, and thousands of other areas.

Sadly, a person can do good their whole life and then make a bad choice and all the good is forgotten. They will be remembered for the mistake. Thankfully, the opposite is generally true.

Spiritual leaders must consider every area of their life. Knowing that people remember what they see longer than what they hear, how will our leadership be remembered?

Will it be remembered for our words or actions?
Will it be remembered for being a servant of others?

People are always watching. The higher we go in leadership the more visible our lives become and, sadly, the more our lives are lived under a microscope.

Before we speak or act, it is worth the time to consider how our leadership will be remembered.

The Right Tool…

Although it is not my forte, I have tried working on a number of different mechanical items over the years from cars to electronics.

I might have enjoyed more success if I had learned some valuable lessons about getting the right tool for the job and the importance of knowing my limitations.

I generally try to make the tools I have available work or bluff my way through. The problem is I end up creating more work to repair what I have destroyed in my attempts to use a less than adequate tool.

I can see many similarities to leadership. There are often jobs that need to be done as a leader and we tend to approach the job without having the right tool, or being properly prepared and equipped to accomplish the work.

The result can create more problems than the initial conflict needed. It would do leaders well to learn to take the time and do whatever is necessary to prepare to achieve the job successfully.

Having the right tool in leadership can make the difference now and eternally. Think Souls. Prepare and know your limitations!

Leadership Word Of The Week…Entrusted

For several years I have loved the definition behind the original Greek word translated entrust. The idea has to do with placing into the hand of another.

When Paul wrote Timothy, he instructed him to guard what had been placed into his hand (entrusted). He then instructs Timothy to take what had been placed into his hand and place it into the hands of those who are faithful to teach others.

When something has been entrusted to us (placed into our hands) we have a great responsibility to care for, guard, protect, cherish, and faithfully use according to the trust given.

Spiritual leaders have been entrusted with the glorious gospel of Jesus. Considering what has been placed into our hands, it deserves our care and protection. We should guard, cherish and faithfully use according to the trust given.

One day we will give an account for the stewardship of God’s word that has been entrusted to us, as well as, the souls of those we lead.

Therefore, the word of the week deserves our attention and what we have been entrusted with deserves our diligence.

Hide And Seek…

Anytime I have opportunity to write about my grandchildren, I love doing so. I have learned a great deal from them and I know over time they will continue to teach me.

Recently, my granddaughter, who is 3 years old, wanted to play a little game of hide and seek.

There is a bit of a twist with the way she likes to play. She tells me where she is going to be hiding and then wants me to come find her. Hmmm. Of course, she expects the same in return.

I love the way she counts to 4 or 5 and then says, “Ready, I come.”

Considering the fun we had playing this game, I thought about leadership. Are we playing a game of hide and seek when it comes to leading others?

If so, do we inform others of where we are going and where we can be found, or do we leave them wondering, or perhaps better said, wandering?

Playing games can be fun, but let us be clear in the direction we are leading so others can easily seek and find. Sounds Biblical to me!