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A Blueprint Of A Leader… Team

As we complete this series, a key area when following a blueprint is the need for a good team working together to reach the desired end.

A leader is one who is leading a team in one form or another.

All the benefits to leading and working together as a team cannot be listed in one post, but here are a few to consider.

1) More work can be achieved more quickly when working together as a team.

2) Each person on the team can focus on using their abilities for the good of the team.

3) Everyone can use their abilities more efficiently in a team.

4) Ideas are abundant when several work together.

5) Opportunities for encouragement are greater when working as a team.

In construction, the people who specialize in foundations, plumbing, framing, sheet rock (hanging and finishing), painting, trimming, and interior design are all needed to make the project just right.

We find the same within the church. It takes those who specialize in cooking, cleaning, teaching, preaching, singing, praying, serving, shepherding, and the list goes on.

When everyone is involved, working together, the result is growth!


Leading The Most Unlikely…

Recently, I was reading material involving outreach to those considered “less fortunate.” I have heard prayers for those “less fortunate than ourselves.” I will let you decide how to define this term.

One specific article discussed a church involved in a transformation in its membership, and the result was due to the prayer of the leadership.

The prayer was one of a simple nature: “Lord, lead us to those that nobody else wants.” Imagine the response when one by one several, that might be classified as “undesirable,” began showing up.

If we believe the gospel is for all, then are we working to see that all have opportunity to not just hear the gospel, but see it in our actions?

The path is not going to be an easy one to walk. However, leaders are not called to lead only those who are lovable, but those who are not-so-lovable also.

Take a moment to read through the gospels and notice the number of references to the outreach of Jesus. Who are these people? Why did He reach out to them? What was the result?

Are we listening?

Leadership Word Of The Week…Skill-set

A skill-set involves the range of abilities of an individual. Leaders should demonstrate this range of abilities to assist them in leading others.

From a spiritual perspective, followers need leaders with the skill-sets to aid them in recognizing the vision and achieving the goals.

A couple of facts to remember about skill-sets.

1) Every leader has a skill-set(s).

2) Some skill-sets are natural. Others are and can be learned.

3) Leaders must continually work on developing and maintaining their skill-set(s).

4) The greater the skill-set(s), the greater potential for strong leadership.

What skill-sets are needed to lead others in a spiritual direction? A study of people who are men and women of faith, i.e. those listed in Hebrews 11, will provide a great starting point for learning the skill-sets most helpful for leadership.

When leaders develop and use these skill-sets, there will always be a willingness to follow. An added bonus is that these type of leaders encourage leadership development for others.

Rise of the Guardians… Part 7

The plan is to focus on one final area attacking the church and robbing Christians of their faith. The area of concern is “apathy and indifference.”

The news of today is old by tomorrow and forgotten by the following day. We are bombarded with so many incredible changes, and they occur so quickly there is not an accurate measurement of time to gauge them.

As a result, because we are easily bored with all the events that come and go, we reach a point we do not care, or it does not matter.

What is the next best thing? What is the fastest speed we can get? What is the latest fashion? Who cares?

When we feel we cannot keep up, we can even become spiritually apathetic and indifferent to all that surrounds us.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for leaders today is to guard against these two areas. Apathy and indifference destroy faith and the fire for serving God.

When we care about the people and events around us, we work to protect others from this spiritual tragedy. Let us rise up!

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, is well known for his insight on leadership and leadership development.

This particular thought is one that emphasizes the necessity of growth, both before and after becoming a leader.

Hearing about those who attempt to lead without growing themselves is not uncommon. Hearing about those who lead without attempting to grow others is also common and sad.

Spiritual leadership is so necessary when we consider the current situation of the church and world.

However, when spiritual leadership does not grow first and then grow others, everything and everyone suffers.

Success in leadership will be measured in a number of ways. However, the true legacy of leadership is based on growing as a leader and growing others to be leaders.

Be a student of leadership and lead others to be the same.


There is something about being around children that draws out this question. I am not exactly sure how many times I have heard this question in the last week. Suffice it to say many!

It is the most difficult question to answer. Yet, children are always asking. They want to know the reasons behind what we are saying and doing.

Of all the questions one could ask, this three lettered word makes a complete question in and of itself.

This question is also one that should be prevalent when thinking about our leadership.

Why are leaders needed?

Why do we need to make this decision?

Why are we making this decision at this time?

Why should we lead?


We could resolve many issues within our leadership if we could determine the answers to the question…why?

Take a moment to look through the gospel accounts and consider how to answer the questions Jesus asked beginning with why.

Why are you worried?

Why are you afraid?

Why are you testing Me?

Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,” and do not do what I say?

Think about it!

First Words…

While deciding on the title of this post, I saw a Facebook post where a fellow preacher talked about the first words we speak each day and when we greet someone. The list goes on from there, and I know you get the point.

However, I recently saw one of my grandchildren’s books with the same title. The design of the book was to help children with some of their first words. I think it would take a kid-genius to figure out how to pronounce these as first words.

Refrigerator, rhinoceros, broccoli, clarinet, harmonica, dandelions, octopus, and basketball were a few I thought were interesting.

I began thinking about the words we use as leaders. Do we use words that are clear and easily understood, or do they become words that would cause someone to run to the dictionary to find out what we are talking about?

The Bible speaks often of the need for us to be careful about the words we use and how we use them in communicating with others.

Leaders should be those who speak first, speak well, and speak clearly.