Rise of the Guardians… Part 7

The plan is to focus on one final area attacking the church and robbing Christians of their faith. The area of concern is “apathy and indifference.”

The news of today is old by tomorrow and forgotten by the following day. We are bombarded with so many incredible changes, and they occur so quickly there is not an accurate measurement of time to gauge them.

As a result, because we are easily bored with all the events that come and go, we reach a point we do not care, or it does not matter.

What is the next best thing? What is the fastest speed we can get? What is the latest fashion? Who cares?

When we feel we cannot keep up, we can even become spiritually apathetic and indifferent to all that surrounds us.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for leaders today is to guard against these two areas. Apathy and indifference destroy faith and the fire for serving God.

When we care about the people and events around us, we work to protect others from this spiritual tragedy. Let us rise up!


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