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A Moment Of Silence…

Communication is critical to the success of building relationships and reaching goals for leaders.

Leaders who communicate well are able to articulate the vision, inspire the actions of others, and strengthen the character of an organization to achieve long lasting results. This is what communication is all about.

However, the foundation for these three areas is built upon knowing the people who are involved in the work, and this requires the ability to actively listen.

Several hindrances occur when trying to listening to others: 1) we are waiting for an opportunity to speak what is on our mind. We are not listening, but formulating our own thoughts, 2) we are distracted with the activities of the environment and cannot, or will not, focus on what is being said, or 3) we really do not care about the other person.

Other possibilities exist, but if leaders will take a moment to be silent, remove distractions, focus on the person speaking, and truly listen, amazing results occur.

Leaders will build stronger relationships, encourage followers, and take steps to achieve the goals to build the overall organization.


Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“We live in a society obsessed with public opinion. But leadership has never been about popularity.” Marco Rubio

One of the challenges facing spiritual leaders today is the problem of trying to please everyone. Sadly, it is usually the “squeaky wheel” that gets the grease. Those who complain the most and the loudest tend to get more action.

Also, leaders struggle with the problem of a decision becoming the cause of someone leaving the church to go somewhere else or abandoning it altogether.

When this mindset exists, the obsession with public opinion or popularity tends to reign.

Leaders are needed in the church who will: 1) examine the scripture to make sure that a decision is biblical and not just  follow the flow of modern popularity or opinion, 2) never rush a decision, but do not hesitate between two opinions either, 3) if the decision is right, then make it, 4) remember, not every decision will please everyone. Some may leave, but if the decision is for the greater good of the whole, it should be made.

More could be said, but the responsibility of decisive leadership is crucial to the future.

Secret Place Of His Tent…

As David writes about his fearless trust in God, he mentions the idea of being hid in the secret place of God’s tent.

The idea that threads this Psalm indicates God’s protection, but perhaps more prevalent is the the trust of David that God will protect him.

Words like “conceal,” “hide,” “lift,” “offer,” “teach,” “lead,” and “deliver” all establish the direction of a close relationship between David and God.

Leaders need a relationship with God that exudes trust in God to provide any and every area needed to fulfill His will. How does this relationship develop?

To describe it in one word, it would be to “seek.” David sought to have this kind of relationship and leaders must do the same today.

Seek a dwelling in the house of the Lord every day of life.

Seek to behold the beauty of the Lord.

Seek to meditate in His temple.

If leaders will seek these three areas, the result cannot help but develop a greater relationship with God and with others.

A Strong Determination To Lead…

Leadership can be filled with days where we begin wondering if leadership is the right choice. The challenges can create the kind of difficulties that cause leaders to a) step out of the leadership role, or b) never enter into a leadership role.

No area in life is going to be perfect or smooth; such is life.

As well, we should remember that God never promised a carefree or problem free life either. If anything, God ensures us that life is going to be filled with problems, difficulties and suffering.

If the greatest leader who ever walked this earth dealt with these challenges, we should never think our life will be exempt from them.

True leadership learns how to deal with those challenges in the most godly, Christian manner possible.

Rely upon God for guidance in approaching these challenges.

Develop a strong determination to lead no matter how difficult the road.

Seek help from seasoned leaders who have faced difficulties.

Above all, understand that these are only temporary.

God provides hope for better days ahead. Let us lead with a strong determination to lead.

Leadership Word Of The Week…Pressure

Pressure carries multiple meanings: 1) continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it, 2) the use of persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something, and 3) an attempt to persuade or coerce someone into doing something.

There is no doubt leadership comes with a strong element of pressure.

The issue really becomes how to handle or deal with the pressure when it arises within leadership.

The best avenue for approaching pressure is fervent prayer. God listens.

Recognize that pressure is part of leadership. It will come.

Learn to relieve pressure through activity. Exercise is a great place to start.

Create expectations that are achievable and be cautious about being unrealistic.

Break the big chunks into smaller ones and focus on one at a time.

Always start with what must be done today and then think about tomorrow.

Never forget the purpose of the trials in life that bring pressure are serving to perfect us into the people God wants and needs us to be in service to Him and others.

Three Lettered Questions…

As fascinating as it may or may not be, there are two words with three letters each that establish the most powerful questions a leader can consider.

The first question is “why?” Beyond seeking the cause and effect, the implication behind this question is to determine the purpose connected to the decisions being made and the actions taken.

Why does this task require leadership?

Why should we pursue this direction?

Why is this work important?

Why is this the best course of action to reach our goals?

The second question to be considered is “how?” Once we understand the purpose behind the decisions or actions, we then must determine how we are going to fulfill them.

How can we help someone become a leader?

How will we accomplish the necessary task?

How should we handle the obstacles when they occur?

How can we get others involved?

These are just a few, but if leaders will take the time to ask these two questions and determine the answers, the pathway to reaching success is much clearer. Few questions could be stronger from a spiritual perspective.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use as I will. I will use it for good, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain and not loss; good and not evil; success and not failure; in order that I shall rejoice in the price that I paid for it.” Frank Bucaro

Please take a moment to read this thought again.

There is no need to comment further on the depths to be learned from the value of the very moment, the day we have been given, and how we choose to use it.

If leaders will learn to follow the implications of this thought their leadership will abound in blessings far beyond what could be expressed in just a few comments.