Where Does Our Help Come From?

The Psalms provide the answer, “My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.”

We use this Psalm because it provides comfort, reassurance, and confidence.

The challenge is relying upon the promises provided and living by the hope given.

When difficult decisions must be made, where do we seek help first?

When tragedy strikes the core of our existence, where do we turn for help?

When plans are needed for directing the course of the future, where do we go for help?

A hundred questions could be asked, but the point is the same. We must learn to stop seeking, turning to, going for, or relying upon help from our experience, education (formal and informal), or close friends first.

These are good resources, but our first step should always be to seek the Lord’s help. Why?

First, David chooses to use the name YHWH, Lord, indicating a closeness, a personal relationship with God.

Second, because He made heaven and earth. He has authority over and controls all things both in heaven and on earth.

This is the One we need to help us.


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