Dying On The Vine…

For the next several weeks we want to consider ideas presented by Philip Kenneson in his book, Life on the Vine, Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit in Christian Community.

One of the key ideas expressed in this book involves learning to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit as listed in Galatians 5:19-21.

This demonstration of the fruit of the Spirit falls in line with his thesis which involves focusing on others, an “others-directed,” rather than “self-directed,” approach to living the Christian life.

In the opening chapter Kenneson discusses the idea of “Dying on the Vine.” This chapter is a strong examination of where we are spiritually.

Leaders can try to ignore, deny, or neglect the reality of the present situation, or take steps to form a different direction, one that is directed toward others to help them walk more closely with the Savior.

These steps are what we will examine in the weeks ahead by discussing the fruit of the Spirit and how we can, by our walk, avoid the fleshly desires that distract us from walking after the Spirit.


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