A Learning Moment…

Everything that is learned about leadership simply indicates the more there is to learn. It is amazing to consider the amount of information readily accessible.

There is no end to the books, articles, blog posts (sorry), and classes available on the subject of leadership.

We have also frequently discussed the need for leaders to be incessant learners, but in the abyss of information about leadership, where should leaders turn?

Obviously, followers must be able to turn to leaders, but where will leaders find help to grow in their leadership.

First, turn to God. The best leadership book available is the Bible. The examples and instruction provide great learning for the student of leadership.

Second, turn to godly leaders. Most people know someone who has been a godly influence in their life. Seek their help and learn at their feet.

Third, turn inward for reflection. Many answers can be found by reflecting on how God has been working throughout the journey to bring us where we are as leaders.

These do not exhaust the possibilities, but they do provide a few steps in benefiting from each learning moment.


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