Leadership Word Of The Week…Movement

When leaders are instrumental in creating a movement, a group of people are involved in collective action to advance political, social, artistic, or religious ideas.

In a recent class on “Organic Organizations / Churches,” the following material was presented to describe a movement.

A movement exists when individual experience, or passion, takes on a life of its own within a diverse array of individuals and grouping in such a way that it sustains and reproduces itself as it works to bring about a common end.

Six characteristics are critical to success of a movement.

First, movements are made up of individuals and independent groupings that come together to achieve a common goal.

Second, what holds these individuals and independent groupings together are personal, structural and ideological ties.

Third, committed individuals at all levels use existing, significant social relationships to recruit others.

Fourth, members of a movement have had an identity-transforming experience that brings about a lifestyle change.

Fifth, overall unity in such a diverse collection of people requires a common ideology.

Sixth, opposition is part of the glue that holds this diverse collection together.


One response to “Leadership Word Of The Week…Movement

  1. Great thoughts as always, Bob. Thanks for continuing to invest in future “leaders.”

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