Leadership Word Of The Week…Aware

Leadership awareness involves a knowledge or perception of the situation or fact.

Leaders need to have a self-awareness, i.e. an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, an awareness of who they are, where they are going, and how they plan to reach the destination.

Leaders also need an awareness of others, i.e. an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of those who are following, an awareness of how to help others reach their greatest potential and achieve the goals of the organization.

Leaders should also be aware of the environment, i.e. an awareness of available resources, an awareness of the obstacles, the reality of progress, and open doors of opportunity.

Having a knowledge of each situation benefits leaders in developing themselves, guiding others in developing the qualities of success, and preparing to face every obstacle with the strength needed to seize opportunities.

Spiritual leaders are leading from a dual-world mindset: physical and spiritual. The desire is to help meet the needs of the present with a focus on achieving the bigger picture of an eternal future.


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