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Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” Nido Qubein

Where have we been? Where are we now? Where do we want to go?

Evaluating the answers to these questions is invaluable in determining the thought of the day.

Our present circumstances will have a bearing on where we go, but only if we look at them as a place to start.

Our choices from yesterday determine what we live with today. The choices we make today determine the consequences we must live with tomorrow.

As we consider our present circumstances, we must make a choice, but make the choice with an understanding of the impact on tomorrow. This is the starting point for what could make all the difference in how we move into the future and prepare for a greater life, physically and spiritually.

This decision will also influence our leading others to do the same, as they must make the same choice.


Using Time Wisely…

Time is the most valuable commodity any person is given. The interesting fact about time is that we all have exactly the same amount of time each day. How we use the time we have is what makes the difference in leadership.

When Paul wrote a letter to the church at Ephesus, he pointed out the need for these Christians to walk wisely making the most of their time (Ep. 5:15-16).

How can we approach the wise use of our time in daily practice?

Sit down and list the amount of time spent on every activity for one week. Contrast the activities that are spent with a self-centered focus, others-directed focus, and spiritual focus.

Take a moment to ask an important question: why? Why do we spend time in areas more self-centered and not others-directed? Why do we miss opportunities to spend time spiritually focused?

Check the balance of time spent in work with family. Is there a proper balance?

A few simple questions, a little evaluation, and refocusing our direction helps in using our time wisely.

The Home…Power Of Example Part 3

“Do as I say, not as I do.” Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for their hypocrisy of saying things and not doing them.

Hypocrisy in the home exists when parents tell their children to live a certain way, yet not living by the same standard themselves.

This is not to say that parents need to be perfect, regardless of the standard under consideration. However, there needs to be consistency.

Children already push the limits as close to the line as possible and measure every action by the consistency of parental guidance.

As challenging as parenting is for anyone, the best place to lead our children in establishing a standard to guide their lives throughout life is found in the home. Here is where the foundation must be laid.

We must develop a consistency in approaching how the standard is lived in the home.

When we fail to live up to the standard: admit it, apologize, and make restitution. Do not excuse it, ever!

Seek ways to help our children understand the purpose behind the standard.

This kind of example strengthens the development of our leadership in the home.

Leadership Word Of The Week…Champion

Playoff season is upon us. Fans from both teams headed to the Super Bowl are eagerly anticipating the big event this Sunday.

Since the season began, every NFL team in the nation has been training, studying highlights of previous games, scouting other teams, and focusing on reaching this point. The largest game of the year occurs this Sunday evening and one team will be crowned “champion.”

The amount of effort given and money spent to begin and finish a champion at the Super Bowl is beyond the understanding of most of us. The influence of true champions, however, will not be seen Sunday evening, or in the victory achieved with a touchdown.

True champions are formed through the acts of kindness, grace, and love demonstrated in providing for those in need. A bed, a home-cooked meal, a drink of water, a smile, a word of encouragement, a helping hand, are all key components to being a champion.

It is true that our influence as leaders provides an opportunity to be a champion in the eyes of others. What kind of champion describes how we want to be remembered?

What Challenges Leaders? Part 4

One of the greatest challenges to every leader involves making decisions. When leaders are indecisive followers call leadership into question.

Leaders need to know the causes of indecisiveness to overcome the challenges it brings.

Fear: fear of making the wrong decision, fear of the unknown and fear of failure are leading causes of indecisiveness.

Trust: leaders who lack trust in their own abilities and the abilities of others are often uncertain or debilitated in making decisions.

Procrastination: the mindset of “why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow” leads to indecisiveness because there is no apparent urgency in making a decision.

Remember, decisions must be made, and our fear, lack of trust, or the tendency to procrastinate will not change the necessity of making a decision.

What can be done to help leaders overcome the challenges of indecisiveness?

Take time to do some research and gather all the facts to make an informed decision.

Make a list of pros and cons for each decision and pray about it.

Trust the instincts.

Establish a backup plan as a precaution.

Make the decision.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

What is it we are passionate about? Are there areas we cannot stop doing, regardless of the consequences? Do we find ourselves involved in certain activities for hours without any thought to the time? What is the driving force in our lives?

When we understand the answers, we know what breathes life and purpose into our existence.

The spiritual matters of the kingdom must be the foundation for this passion. When seeking the kingdom of God is a priority, when reaching out to the lost is the purpose of each breath, when worship of our God and Savior is at the heart of our activity, and when a love for understanding the truth drives us deeper into His word, we are setting in place the building blocks of passionate leadership.

Take a few moments and pray that God will help us use these four areas as the basis for being alive. The world will naturally see the results.

Pursuing God’s Mission…

One post, or even a series of posts, would never suffice to cover the details involved in God’s mission.

Yet, there is nothing, as it relates to leadership, of more importance than God’s mission.

From Genesis through Revelation, God has guided, directed, moved, ushered, and advanced His will through individuals and nations to ultimately provide an avenue to reconcile all of humanity to Himself through Jesus.

The lessons presented throughout the Bible help us understand a direction for leading God’s people today based on the divine principles practiced throughout this history.

Humility, courage, trust, and service are all characteristics found in leaders through whom God displayed His power, wisdom and presence.

The key is seeing where God’s mission is at work today and participating with what He is already doing. The fact that we are fellow workers with God emphasizes a beautiful relationship.

Leaders need to be active in pursuing the work God is involved in and participate in the activity that honors and glorifies Him.

Success is the result of fulfilling God’s will on earth. Let us live to carry out His mission.