Leadership Word Of The Week…People

Leadership is about people; not just any people, but people searching for a promise from our heavenly Father.

People consist of young and old, male and female. They are tall and short, large and small, and everywhere in between.

People come from different racial, educational, emotional, religious, and financial backgrounds.

These backgrounds contribute to the thought processes determining their words and actions. Even when people live within the same neighborhood, there are differences among them.

The task before all leaders involves determining how to influence people. The results are physical and spiritual in nature.

Physically, leaders desire to provide the help people need to endure the difficulties brought on by the daily challenges of life.

Spiritually, leaders focus their priorities on laying a godly foundation to influence people with the goal of reaching heaven.

What determines the direction people follow depends on the ability of leaders to provide a combination of both physical and spiritual. Remember, there are times the spiritual need cannot be met until the physical. We find a great biblical pattern to follow in Jesus.


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