Pursuing God’s Mission…

One post, or even a series of posts, would never suffice to cover the details involved in God’s mission.

Yet, there is nothing, as it relates to leadership, of more importance than God’s mission.

From Genesis through Revelation, God has guided, directed, moved, ushered, and advanced His will through individuals and nations to ultimately provide an avenue to reconcile all of humanity to Himself through Jesus.

The lessons presented throughout the Bible help us understand a direction for leading God’s people today based on the divine principles practiced throughout this history.

Humility, courage, trust, and service are all characteristics found in leaders through whom God displayed His power, wisdom and presence.

The key is seeing where God’s mission is at work today and participating with what He is already doing. The fact that we are fellow workers with God emphasizes a beautiful relationship.

Leaders need to be active in pursuing the work God is involved in and participate in the activity that honors and glorifies Him.

Success is the result of fulfilling God’s will on earth. Let us live to carry out His mission.


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