Potentially Speaking…

Potential is often a word tossed around concerning the possibility of something occurring if the right conditions or circumstances are in place.

It is also used regarding the capacity of someone to become or develop into something in the future.

The challenge for leaders is to determine an individual’s potential and the potential of the congregation where they serve.

Three basic areas exist when considering ways to determine potential.

The first area is actions. One of the best ways to determine potential is to examine the actions of the past. What has been done by the individual or congregation over the past five or ten years that lays a foundation for the future?

Another area is abilities. An individual or congregation cannot grow beyond their abilities. These abilities can change with training and practice, but considering the abilities that exist is a second key to determining potential.

The third is attitude. With the right attitude, very little is impossible. When a positive attitude exists and the determination to achieve the goal, the potential is unlimited.

Potentially speaking, leaders should examine these areas and set goals for the future.


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