Avoiding The Negativity…

The title of the post today begs the question of possibility. Is it possible in our culture to avoid negativity? The answer is, no!

We cannot completely avoid negativity. Sadly, we are surrounded by it. We often face so much negativity it is difficult to see much positive.

Since we cannot avoid negativity, what can we do to limit its influence?

First, prayer is where it all starts. God promises to answer, so why not begin at His throne and seek guidance in overcoming the issue.

Second, focus on spending time with people who are positive. If we struggle to deal with negativity, a good dose of optimism from friends is a another place to help.

Third, the material we read and the messages we hear need to ring with optimism. Turning off the television is a positive beginning point. Read a good book…hey, the Bible is a good thought.

Fourth, commit to saying at least five positive things every day. Once we are comfortable doing five, increase the number by five more.

Much more could be done, but this will get us going in a positive direction.


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