Leadership Word Of The Week…Micro-manage

The idea of controlling every part, however small, of a project or activity defines the word of the week.

In the realm of leadership, there are those who practice a micro-management style of leadership. They want to have a hand in every intricate part of the project or activity. 

There seems to be a level of fear involved if something happens they are not explicitly involved in controlling. 

They also fear, perhaps above all, the idea of losing control and, ultimately, losing their job.

At times, there is even the idea of having such responsibility they need full control.

We need to rethink the approach we take in leading others for the sake of our Lord and Savior. We need to reassess our role and that of our God.

We plant and water, remembering that He is the One who will make it grow. If we can focus on doing our part, He will do His!

The challenge enters when we think we are responsible for God’s part and micro-manage our influence in leading others. Trust God to do His part, as we do ours.


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