Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Tasks are performed better when they are chosen instead of assigned. Create an atmosphere in which people get to choose the things they like to work on.” Antwerp Management School

When first reading and thinking about this thought, the idea stood out as powerful and profound. Consider the affect the idea of choosing instead of assigning can have within the spiritual development and work of the church.

Avoid the tendency of asking for volunteers (never really works any way). Instead, learn what excites people to work in areas they enjoy and find ways that allow them to make the choice.

As we are aware, simply assigning people to do a task develops a more dictator style of leadership, which rarely works in a “volunteer” organization and can have adverse consequences.

Perhaps, just maybe, if we think more seriously about what needs to be done and learn the areas where people love to work, we can design (create an atmosphere) a program, task, or project that engages people to make a choice that helps reach the desired result. The bonus? Growth!


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