Leadership Word Of The Week…Perceptive

This week’s word involves “sensitive insight.” The idea, however, is stronger when connected to additional words describing leaders who are perceptive: discerning, intuitive, observant, and discriminating.

Leaders are aware of the nature and importance of perception. The perception of followers concerning the words and activities of leaders is vital to the credibility and confidence placed in leadership.

When leaders are perceptive, the idea goes beyond the concepts connected to the perception of others. The idea extends to a leader’s insight of individuals, situations, and plans.

Consider the implication of a perceptive leader that has shown and continues to show good judgment. Their discernment is exemplified as credible and perceptive.

The instinctive, or intuitive, quality of a leader allows them to use their feelings accurately, and through observation, carry a perceptive focus.

When leaders demonstrate themselves as discriminating, we see good taste as it relates to judgment, which brings us full circle.

A perceptive leader is invaluable in any organization and this is certainly true when applying scripture to the development of the church and our lives as Christians.


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