For The “If” In Life…

A large insurance company launched an advertising campaign built on this statement. The idea presented the need for everyone to have coverage for the “if” in life.

This phrase is a powerful play on the word – life. Life is filled with many “if’s.” Answering the “what if” questions in our day-to-day activities is where we struggle.

What if we lose our job?

What if we suffer a terminal illness or some other tragedy?

What if we miss an opportunity?

What if we fail?

What if we forget an important date or task?

What if we have not done enough?

What if…

The difficulty in answering “what if” is that we often turn to a works oriented, Pharisaical relationship with God and His people.

We lose sight of God’s grace and the joy of His salvation.

Leadership does not mean we escape the “if’s” of life. Rather, leadership means we know where to point others for the right coverage provided by God for every “if” in life.

Here is where the answers outline and identify our hope for a life to come, where “if” does not exist.


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