Leadership Word Of The Week…Compass

Technically, a compass is an instrument containing a magnetized pointer that shows the direction of magnetic north and bearings from it.

A number of ideas are associated with a compass: a moral compass, intellectual compass, spiritual compass, and the list goes on.

Consider a leadership compass that provides direction for others. We need to recognize there are elements of the moral, intellectual, and spiritual compass that factor into our leadership.

Before compromising our activities or integrity, we need to engage our moral compass.

Before we go on a hunt to attack someone else, we need to engage our intellectual compass.

Before we condemn the decisions of others, we need to engage our spiritual compass.

Before we post, speak, take action, think the worst, or hit send, let us consider the influence of our decisions: both in word and deed.

Attacking someone else’s character only damages our own, and sadly we are often unaware of it.

Speaking against others does not build our own esteem, but demeans it.

Showing the direction to heaven – pointing to Christ – is never accomplished by destroying others, but rather approaching others in biblical love.


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