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Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.” Gloria Steinem

Truth, no matter where it comes from, is still truth. This is certainly the case regarding today’s thought. How many times has it been said or implied in relationship to a spouse, political leader, preacher, friend, and the list goes on? If only we could find the right person.

If we are not careful, we can spend all our time searching for the right person, when all we are really capable of doing is to focus on being the right person.

The greatest leadership in the world today is born out of individuals who lead from “being,” rather than simply “doing.” People may know all the right actions to perform, but if it does not originate from the inner being, eventually their influence will crumble.

Our life needs to be spent with a focus on being the right person and allow that pursuit to direct every attitude, decision, action, and word.

When it does, we will discover the “right” people will find us.


There Is A Difference…

Italian TV dinner, Fazoli’s, Macaroni Grill, Massimino’s Cucina Italiana: there is a difference.

Arapahoe Community College, _________________ State University, Harvard, Oxford: there is a difference.

Church on the Move, Church of Body Modification, Foothills Bible Church, Crossroads church of Denver, Church of Christ: there is a difference.

Regardless of where we eat, receive our education, or worship, we all know there is a difference.

The same is true in leadership. We see it on every front politically, corporately, educationally, and spiritually. There is a difference.

When it comes to spiritual leadership, are we really making the difference? Has the mindset of complacency been allowed to hinder our leadership? Are we victims of an apathetic world and allowing indifference to control the direction of our leadership?

Just as there is a difference in all of the areas above, there is a difference we can make if we choose to do so. Let us provide the leadership needed today for a better tomorrow and eternity because, in the end, it makes all the difference in the world.

The Lost Part Of Leading…Part 3

Continuing to walk the path of investigation concerning the lost part of leadership takes us into areas relating to the core of any leadership: balance.

Balance is almost a forgotten term by many in our world today. A sense of balance is not about walking a fine line, tight rope, or “balance” beam without falling to one side or the other, even though there are figurative similarities.

The cultural challenges with balance are weighed in the extremism of our society. A quick glance through Facebook posts or any social media outlet reveals the incredible extremes that exist.

Worse still is the fact that extremism has been carried over into the church. The thought of balance may be mentioned, but rarely is it applied.

The terms, or perhaps titles, we tend to ascribe to one another range from the “left” to the “right,” from “anti” to “liberal.” We most often use the term “conservative” in reference to those who agree with us. Here is where we tend to believe balance exists, but not really.

Until leaders get a solid grasp on the art of balance, unity may be occur.

Leadership Word Of The Week…Respite

Briefly, the definition of respite involves a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

We have discussed numerous times the idea of leadership challenges. The role of leadership has and will never be easy. These challenges or difficulties can come from without and, sadly, from within.

The worst part is difficulties pile up and leaders reach a breaking point, a time where decisions are made that affect the direction of their leading. To say it is critical in these times to see the need for respite, is an understatement of galactic measures.

The type of rest or relief needed in these times is not a weekend get away, although such is helpful along the way. This type of rest or relief involves time away from all responsibilities associated with these difficult or unpleasant situations.

The greatest challenge is recognizing when this period of rest or relief is needed. Identifying those times in our lives can be subjective and may require assistance from others who are close to the situation.

Regardless, it is vital for leaders to identify these times and take respite.

Agree To Disagree…

One of the most common phrases used when people cannot come to common terms or agreement is “we will just have to agree to disagree.” What exactly does this accomplish in the realm of spiritual leadership?

If agreeing to disagree allows both expressions to be correct, then we are headed for a train wreck in the religious realm.

Interestingly, we generally agree that the Bible is “the” standard given by God on matters of salvation, worship, church organization, and how to live, but when applying the principles and lessons taught in the Bible, we often wander into the realm of agreeing to disagree.

Imagine the difference in the church today if leaders applied the same principles of interpretation and agreed to work together until unity could be achieved.

Imagine if the pride of self-righteousness were put aside with the intent of seeking to truly listen to God’s word and simply follow it…only.

As long as we hold to the desire to be right or drive our own personal agendas, agreeing to disagree may rule the day, but it will never work in the end with God.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” J. K. Rowling

The study of leadership will always carry powerful principles and a bit of subjectivity when dealing with others. The various styles of leadership continue to find value depending on the setting, situation, individual, and the followers.

When looking for a way to measure the true success of someone’s leadership, Rowling’s thought provides us with at least one way to determine the strength of a leader.

We would all like to think that the conduct of a leader is the same with everyone, but in reality it is just not that way. Often, the treatment of others depends on factors such as agenda, character, purpose, worldview, and more.

Therefore, if we want to determine the type of leader we want to follow, or if we want to become the type of leader others want to follow, then begin with an examination of the way others are treated who might be considered inferiors. Here is where we see the true character of an individual.

Leadership…Facebook Style

Surprisingly, Facebook is popular among young and old, as well as, across every cultural boundary?

The various ways “friends” use Facebook to post the activities of their life can be surprising.

Posts range from a play-by-play view of every event of the day to the promotion of new entrepreneurial endeavors.

Facebook, like many other media venues, can be used for good and bad.

If we consider the opportunity, Facebook can be a powerful tool to advocate leadership principles. One primary opportunity Facebook affords each of us is to encourage others and point them in a positive direction.

A number of people have done this by posting a passage of scripture. What a great way to provide spiritual leadership.

Some choose to speak of the creative beauty of God’s creation.

Others use the opportunity to speak encouraging words to help build up friends.

Would should all strive to use our posts to be more creative, using Facebook to provide greater levels of spiritual leadership.

Remember, demonstrating that we are the light of the world is also seen through these social media venues as well.