The Lost Part Of Leadership…Part 4

The lost parts of leadership include a number of areas related to character, style, and activity. As we continue this week to look at another component in this series, we find the need to restore genuine joy.

The stress of leadership usually saps the joy right out of most decision making. The challenges facing leaders become foundational reasons why many choose not to lead.

Where is the joy that needs to exist among leaders?

As long as the negative side of leadership prevails, attracting good leaders with the qualifications and abilities to do the job right becomes increasingly difficult.

Additionally, as long as leaders spend their time dealing with problems of conflict resolution, personality differences, and resource management, then the emotional depletion levels will exceed the ability and desire to continue.

There is a joy in leading and there are positive areas to support the future development and growth of any organization. When leadership receives encouragement to create, innovate, initiate, and motivate, the possibilities are endless for success.

The combination of a vision, goals, and plans, coupled with the authority to lead excites joy in leading.


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