Easy Button…

Life presents difficulties, challenges too great to handle. No problem, just push the “easy” button.

While an easy button might help in the purchase of office supplies, life and leadership do not work this way.

Challenges tend to occur when the path is the smoothest.

Perhaps we just walked through the valley of the shadow of death and now see the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Maybe success was in reach after months or years of intensive planning and work.

At times, when one challenge begins and another sits down beside it.

We are all aware of needing an easy button, a do-over. We just want a chance at a fresh start.

This is not unique. The challenge is recognizing the times in life when difficulties arise and knowing how to lead.

No one is exempt. Spiritual leaders have the task of helping those encountering struggles in life face them with confidence and assurance. We need to provide a measure of hope. Christ, our hope, is the only possibility of an easy button, not an easy life, but an opportunity to have a fresh start.


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