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Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Self respect, self worth and self love, all start with self. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value.” Rob Liano

The world today seems to find meaning, value, and purpose within the sphere of what we do (success, acts of kindness or generosity, etc.), what others think or say about us, and what we have (health, good family, material possessions, etc.).

Considering today’s thought, something is amiss when our value is based on those areas outside of self. The challenge is recognizing the balance with thinking too highly or too lowly of oneself. Biblically, we see a responsibility to maintain the proper perspective.

Our value comes from God because we are created in His image. We are His beloved. When we understand the truth of this statement, we will stop looking for our value from any other source.

Leadership requires an ability to find the right perspective on self-value, but also to help others gain the needed perspective to their self-value.

Fulfilling this role as leaders opens a door of opportunity to reach greater potential in our service to the Lord.


What Really Matters?

When we boil it all down, what really matters?

We can sure make life complicated, and most of us are guilty. We can quickly get caught up in some of the most trivial pursuits and lose focus of what really matters.

Please do not misunderstand. We know there is a place for work to provide for our families. We know we need time for rest and recreation. We also know there are family responsibilities.

This is not an attempt to pull us away from the major areas of our life. The purpose is to simply ask what really matters with respect to these major areas?

If we believe that spiritual and eternal matters are the priority, then why would we spend our lives focused on areas that seem so temporary in nature?

If we can agree on the priority of the spiritual matters, then our prayer must be to see how this priority then influences our work, rest, and family responsibilities.

Let us all lead with our priorities firmly established and influence the major areas of life in ways to make heaven that much sweeter.

A Learning Moment…

Everything that is learned about leadership simply indicates there is more to learn. It is amazing to consider the amount of information readily accessible.

There is no end to the books, articles, blog posts (sorry), and classes available on the subject of leadership.

We frequently discuss the need for leaders to be incessant learners, but in the abyss of information about leadership, where should leaders turn?

Obviously, followers must be able to turn to leaders, but where will leaders find help to grow in their leadership.

First, turn to God. The best leadership book available is the Bible. The examples and instruction found provide great learning for the student of leadership.

Second, turn to other godly leaders. Most people know someone who has been a godly influence in their life in leading. Seek their help and learn at their feet.

Third, turn inward for reflection. Many answers can be found by reflecting on how God continues to work throughout the journey and bring us where we are as leaders.

These do not exhaust the possibilities, but they do provide a few steps in benefiting from each learning moment.

Leadership Word Of The Week…Transition

In the arena of communication, when writing a speech, sermon, article, or other medium, one of the critical keys is transitions.

Transitions are those sentences (written or spoken) that build the bridge between the various sections of our communication. These bridges make it easier for people to follow what we attempt to express.

More could be discussed regarding transitions, but we need to consider the connection with spiritual leadership.

Our role as leaders is about transitions. We build bridges in three areas.

One, we build a bridge in relationships. Unless we can establish and maintain quality relationships, our transition into spiritual matters will not exist.

Two, we build a bridge for future leaders. As long as we exist on this earth, there is a need for leadership. We must make this transition smooth.

Three, we build a bridge to eternity. Ultimately, the task before us is to help make the transition from the physical realm to the spiritual.

Are we building bridges with the right purpose and in the right direction? If not, now is the time to rethink the transitions of our leadership.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.” Thomas Jefferson

We live in a world that tends to react before thinking how to act appropriately. Social media sites fill spaces of information with the reactions of one person to the comments of another.

Sadly, most reaction is based on anger, a lack of adequate details, false information, misguided perspective, and multiple other emotions that tend to eliminate reason and good judgment.

Before we react, consider the difference made when we take a moment to think first and then act appropriately.

As Jefferson stated, the great advantage to be gained is always the path of remaining cool and unruffled under all circumstances.

In these moments, our minds possess a greater ability to think clearly and make decisions that affect how we act. We prevent heated arguments, snap decisions, incorrect accusations, wrong conclusions, and the regret of saying or doing something we cannot retract.

Of all people, leaders need to demonstrate this character as an example for others to follow. Such action will emulate our Savior.

If – A Word That Makes All The Difference…

In the Greek language, a first class conditional sentence literally translates the if as since. Even though the English often uses if, a first class conditional sentence structure demands greater certainty.

Transferring this idea into areas of leadership carries an interesting thought.

Imagine the structure of our leadership from the standpoint of certainty. No longer would we speak of if concerning the various activities we want to accomplish, but rather the certainty of saying since these conditions exist we know the outcome.

Since we influence a minimum of four people a day, let us study extensive levels of leadership and the opportunity to make a greater difference.

Since we strive to lead others to heaven, let us prepare ourselves with a deeper understanding of God’s word.

Since we also work to keep the saved, saved, let us exercise tolerance in matters of personal opinion and work together to achieve unity.

A number of areas could be considered, but the idea is the same. Let us lead with the certainty needed to make the future of the church stronger. Think Souls.

Uncertainties In Leadership…

Life can change in a heartbeat. We learn quickly how uncertainty can fill our lives. When we await the birth of a child or grandchild there are uncertainties. When they enter the world, events can happen quickly that create uncertainty.
When difficulties occur, we often ask, “What will happen? When can we hold them? “Why did this happen?”
Multiple questions arise when we face moments of uncertainty.
However, in those moments, when our faith is challenged, we find the blossoming leadership of godly parents.
We often speak of leadership within the realm of someone in an organization, primarily the church.
The reality is that leadership begins in the home. The foundation rests upon a mother and father who are dedicated to make sure their children are loved and raised to trust, honor, and obey a heavenly Father who loves them.
We pray from the moment we learn of a child’s conception. When those prayers are answered we continue to pray God will bless them and that He will work throughout the life of this child to lead others to know the Father of all.