Leadership: A Global Concept And Need…

Leadership is not a located idea. Leadership affects the world. Men and women are found in leadership roles everywhere around the globe.

Leadership is universal in application and is not limited to race, gender, age, or position.

Anyone can lead from anywhere.

We must continually learn from others about leadership. When we learn about the sacrifice, dedication, passion, and attitude of servanthood demonstrated by others, we should be encouraged to do the same. We are reminded of how important it is these roles are filled.

Examining the leadership associated with the Extension Program at Bear Valley Bible Institute highlights one powerful quality these leaders share that teaches us more than anything else: compassion for souls.

They give their lives to prepare others to preach the gospel of Jesus.

They dedicate their time to the work of evangelism.

They love their people and want them to be saved.

They work to serve, not to be served.

The example provided by these men demonstrates the character needed for those who learn under them. These men are leading from anywhere and everywhere around the globe.


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