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Reflecting On The Past…

Everyone knows the value of good planning. Leaders especially appreciate the need to make the proper plans to reach established goals.

Tonight we say goodbye to a year through which we will never walk again. We cannot relive it. We cannot change it. All we can do is examine it and make plans to create a difference for the future.

Plans are not New Year’s resolutions.

Plans are not goals.

Plans involve the activities necessary to keep our resolutions and reach our goals.

How vital is it we have plans? There is an old adage used by several that says, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”

We all need personal short and long-term goals. The same is true at every corporate level. How we plan to reach our goals makes a difference.

Before we commit to our New Year’s resolutions; before we set up goals for the year ahead; let us sit down and establish the details of a proper plan to ensure success for 2016.


Principles Of Leadership…Part 8

Train as a team!

Understanding teamwork and training as a team is obviously significant to the overall success of the group. However, there are some “do’s and don’ts” to fully comprehend training as a team.

Training and working as a team does not place everyone in an equal position. There are specific roles each member must fulfill in order for the unit to function properly. Problems will arise when anyone in a leadership position begins to navigate on their own and no longer follows the proper organizational flow of communication and authority.

Training and working as a team does place everyone on the same page. When a unit works as a team the goals are communicated and understood. Every individual understands their specific tasks to reach the goals. Also, each person is diligent to fulfill their responsibilities without casting blame on someone else for not carrying their weight.

Training as a team has great advantages for the development of any organization. This is especially true within the area of spiritual leadership. When we work together, each fulfilling our necessary roles, the group wins.

Leadership Word Of The Week…Beginning

The beginning of a new year is only a few days away, and a new year brings opportunity for new beginnings.

Many people need a day like the first day of a new year to work on changes in their life. Some start working on new and better habits in life and others find ways to stop bad ones.

Regardless of the need for a first day of a new year, week, day, or moment, recognizing the need to improve our lives is a positive step in the right direction.

Leaders should always think about how we can use these opportunities to lead in the cause of Christ. Is today a new beginning to lead…

A soul to the light of our Savior?
A straying brother or sister to the family of God?
A deeper study into the truths of God’s word?
A more passionate approach to speak with God in prayer?

Whatever the need may be for each of us, every day is a new beginning. Let us reach forward to achieve spiritual leadership for our Lord in this day and throughout new year.

An Approach To The Last Week Of The Year…

The last few days of the year bring a focus on renewal. Considering the idea of resolutions for 2016, a couple of thoughts come to mind.

Resolve to improve physical health. We know we need to take care of our physical health. Instead of a new diet, resolve to be moderate. Learn to not eat beyond comfort. Also, add exercise. This is not a push to be in the gym five times a week, but taking small steps to do more. Why not park further away from the store and walk? A brisk walk of twenty to thirty minutes a day will bring surprising results.

Resolve to improve spiritual health. Nothing takes more precedence. This is not about reading and praying more. Obviously, we all need more time reading the Bible and praying more. However, spiritual health involves application of what is written. Instead of speaking in anger, think of the song “Angry Words.” Perhaps the new year will bring a few posts on other practical suggestions for an application of spiritual health.

May this last week help each of us with a new approach.

Merry Christmas…

Thoughts to share this time of year are abundant, but Sheryl and I want each of you to know the blessing you are in our lives. We pray that God fills your life with blessings of family, friends, and fun during this holiday season. We love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Acting Or Reacting…

Several variations of the “Golden Rule” are commonly spoken today. For some, it is “do unto others as they have done unto you.” For others, it is “do unto others before they do unto you.”

However, Jesus was clear when He expressed the need to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The implication of Jesus is to do unto others first.

Leadership always brings several interesting twists in the development of leaders and followers. This is especially true within the church.

How do we want others to treat us? Do we want to be treated with respect, integrity, love, appreciation, patience, etc.? If this is how we want to be treated, then Jesus would teach us to treat others this way first!

We must be careful not to allow the practice of culture or society to influence and direct our approach to relationships.

If we are not careful, it is easy to react, instead of acting as we should. Sadly, we must be careful to guard against overreacting.

Leaders must learn to act in keeping with the way we want others to act.

Principles Of Leadership…Part 7

Keep others informed.

Three simple words, yet this principle challenges our leadership. The challenge to our leadership exists because the idea behind this principle involves communication.

When leaders do not keep others informed, the following happens:

People begin to grow suspicious.
Distrust blossoms in their minds.
An element of doubt in leadership ability develops.
Anxiety begins to characterize feelings.

The lack of communication is not always intentional. Sometimes, we grow a very structured life. We develop a routine and life becomes monotonous. In the end, our communication is affected.

Is it possible to prevent these concerns from developing and growing? Yes!

Follow these three simple words…Keep others informed.

Within the church, there is a great need for Christians to be informed by leadership.

What kind of information needs to be provided?

Inform others of the plans for the future.
Inform others of any changes that need to be made.
Inform others of challenges / or hindrances facing the plans.
Inform others of the needs.

When leaders communicate / inform others, trustworthy and loyal relationships develop. It is time for God’s leaders to lead.