Leadership Word Of The Week…Develop

To cause to grow and become more mature or advanced.

If there was one word leaders need to understand for the success of the church, it would be develop.

Throughout the writings of the apostles, they continued to emphasize the need for the church to develop. Prayers expressed requests for God to help the church develop.

The goal of teaching was to present every person mature in Christ. God gave gifts to various individuals for the purposing of helping the church achieve unity and maturity in the faith. We also find the use of imperative language regarding Peter’s instruction for Christians to grow.

Developing faith in a relationship with God is a vital responsibility of leadership.

We must lead others to a greater love and understanding of the word of truth.

We must assist Christians in an understanding and involvement of their God given abilities in His service.

We must encourage the expression of God’s grace through sharing the love of Christ at the cross.

We must provide an example in all the above.

Leadership is about development. Let us get started.


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