Spiritual Health Development…Part 3

One of the greatest challenges facing all Christians, especially leadership, involves measuring spiritual growth. As we mentioned in previous lessons, one potential way is by the activities of life.

Consider developing an application to the instruction presented by Paul in Colossians 3, “Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth.” What does this look like in the context of our homes or on the job?

The letter to the Colossians reveals a number of areas that contrast the things above and the things on earth. Think about, however, a simple thought on how to continually keep our minds set on things above.

The major step in achieving this task is to minimize as much as possible the way we focus on the things of this earth. We could start by spending fifteen minutes each day with the cell phone off, computer closed, television off, along with all other electronic devices. Practice spending these few moments in silence and allow thoughts of God to fill our minds.

Once we are comfortable with fifteen minutes, add five more.


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