Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Winning is not everything, losing is! Learning to lose properly is a very healthy thing. Lose your pride, your fleshly desires, your sinful habits. The sooner you acknowledge that God is the ultimate winner, the sooner you can taste true victory, but you have to lose first!” Phanat Ouch

Building off the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:25, today’s thought summarizes the powerful need to reevaluate our approach to life.

In a world that believes in winning at all cost, the concept of losing does not possess much popularity. Even though several attempts to change this way of thinking are commercialized, the underlying mindset of success emphasizes the “W.”

From a spiritual perspective, however, true success is measured in the ideas expressed by Phanat: losing our pride, fleshly desires, and sinful habits. When demonstrated in leadership, followers find an incredible example that reflects the true nature of Christianity.

In every culture, the ideas of winning and losing generally follow the same pattern. Therefore, we need leaders today who hold up the biblical standard of true success by acknowledging the only way to win is losing self and siding with God.


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