Do we ever have times when we are, well, frankly…tired? Of course, we all do.

It may be a lack of sleep, stress at work, or family responsibilities. The list is long as to the causes of our fatigue. How can we deal with it and still be the leaders God desires of us?

Learn the signs. What are the signs of being tired? Frustration? Anger? Short in our response? Sleepy? Whatever the signs, recognize them.

Step back and think. If we know the signs, then when they occur, step back and think before speaking or acting.

Wait to make decisions. Neal Pollard explains how he learned to never make a decision on a blue day. When tired, our ability to make good decisions is hindered.

DO NOT QUIT! The temptation is to throw up our hands and walk out. Regardless of where our leadership responsibility lies, we must not give up.

God needs us to be leaders. We will have times when we are tired. Know the signs, step back and think, wait before making decisions, and please do not quit!


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