Spiritual Leadership…

How should we define “spiritual leadership?” Realizing there are numerous possibilities to answering this question, perhaps the best approach is to consider a biblical response.

Here are 10 scriptural ways to help define spiritual leaders. Spiritual leaders…

1) Move people to be more like God.

2) Rely on the blood of Christ.

3) Work to accomplish the will of God.

4) Encourage the fainthearted.

5) Admonish the unruly.

6) Strengthen the weak.

7) Seek first the kingdom of God.

8) Pray without ceasing.

9) Search the scriptures daily.

10) Trust fully in the working of God.

These are only 10 suggestions, but require a lifetime to develop in leadership. God’s word challenges us to grow into the spiritual leader He wants and needs us to be for the sake of the saved and lost.

Think Souls.


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