Optimum Workout Level…

Workout programs are a dime a dozen. A Google search reveals millions of routines available that guarantee results. Each individual or organization promotes their product(s) as part of the optimum workout program with the intent of enticing people to buy-in.

Whether we want to lose weight, bulk up, or define muscle intonation, there are numerous possibilities available with the click of the mouse button. The big push now is not just to start the program, but how to motivate people to continue in the program.

Those who search through these programs indicate a desire to improve their lives. Maybe its the desire to look better, fit in our clothes better, or just enjoy better overall health. The bottom line is a desire to improve physically.

Imagine the spiritual difference when leaders appeal in similar ways to improve the spiritual lives of those who desire to be better.

How do we appeal to people and encourage them to get started and motivate them to continue? The optimum level results in lives that are changed for the short-term and the long haul. How are we doing?


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