Leadership and learning are words that run parallel in the sphere of development. The greater our learning, the greater our leadership.

Leaders require resources that facilitate avenues through which learning occurs. But where can we find these resources? Resources exist in several arenas.

Educational Resources: These resources are primarily formal in nature. Leadership books, courses, and classroom training provide numerous resources from which we can learn. Opportunities to gain a stronger education furthers our leadership ability.

Experience Resources: Based on work, home, and community efforts, we gain the type of experience that enables practical leadership to develop. Experience provides some of the most difficult lessons to learn, yet here we find an incredible and invaluable resource.

Environmental Resources: Environment involves the surroundings and conditions in which we operate as leaders. Who we are surrounded by provides one of the greatest resources for learning. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn from others.

These three resources broaden opportunities for our growth in leadership and now is the time to focus 2017 on such opportunities.


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