What Will We Remember?

To remember is to have an ability to bring to one’s mind an awareness of someone or something that has been seen, known or experienced in the past.

The challenge is how to deal with memories when they come to mind.

Memories are good and bad. There are times, events, and people that we remember fondly because of the joys experienced with them.

There are also times, events, and people we wish we could forget because of the negativity associated with them.

The manner in which we react regarding the recall of those memories influences how we are seen as leaders and the leadership we provide for others.

It would be wonderful if the only memories that came to mind were positive and fond. However, we are all aware it does not work this way.

Memories serve to help us remember both, so we can learn to do a couple of important steps.

1) Repeat what works and is successful.

2) Avoid negative consequences experienced and overcome.

If we can remember to do so, the future will hold greater memories when we recall them.


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