Monthly Archives: May 2018

Wisdom in Leadership…

The Bible describes many contrasts. Few seem as powerful as the contrast between wisdom and foolishness.

Solomon said the wise quickly receive instruction.

Paul instructs us to act as wise men not as unwise.

Jesus indicated the wise to be those who hear His words and act upon them. The foolish hear His words and do not.

There should be much wisdom in spiritual leaders. Let us learn to receive wise counsel.

Ultimately, our leadership is based on the direction we receive from the Lord. True wisdom listens to Him.


Leading in Denial…

Struggling with addictions often leads to denial.

The loss of a loved one can leave one in denial.

Various trials faced in life bring us to this point.

Leaders must not wear the proverbial blinders regarding present circumstances. There must be an awareness of reality.

Problems exist, and someone else will not solve them. Address problems when they arise so they can be resolved when they are smaller.

Denial can quickly lead to destruction.

Leadership is too valuable to allow denial to rob us of reaching our goal.

Leadership Charisma…

Charisma is not a quality of self-centered leaders. How much of our conversations focus on us, what we do, our family, our interests, etc.?

When leaders have charisma they add value to the lives of others. They give others hope.

While we need to know what the Bible says about sin, we need to remember the Bible is a book about hope. Jesus is our hope.

Inspiring devotion in others is built on the ability of leaders to provide that hope.

The charisma of spiritual leaders is directly related to this ability. Pride, insecurity, and cynicism destroy the ability to lead others to hope.

How Do We Measure Up?

Who determines the scale between 1 and 10? Does it differ from one person to another? Is there a consistent standard allowing for accurate evaluation?

How would we rate on a scale of 1 to 10?

Consistency is a needed virtue. Therefore, consider a couple of factors:

  1. People rate our leadership (like it or not).
  2. The rating is determined by ability, decisions, relationships, and previous success.
  3. We will give an account for our leadership.
  4. The standard is God’s word.

A change in our rating is up to us. Again we ask, “How does our leadership measure up?”

Live, Love, and Laugh…

We’ve all seen the expression: “Live well, love much, and laugh often.”

Live well – How well are we living? Are we simply living for the moment or living well with eternity in view?

Love much – Leadership only succeed when those who are led know we love them. Our desire for their highest good must be seen in our words and actions.

Laugh often – It is easy to get wrapped up in the struggles of daily life and forget the importance of laughter. We need to find joy throughout life.

When these expressions make up our existence, we will see a difference.

Live well, love much, laugh often!

Doing It Right…

How many times have we heard, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

As leaders, the task set before us is worth doing, and it is worth doing right. In fact, we must do it right to reach our goal.

From the book of Exodus, it is fascinating how many times the phrase “as the Lord commanded” is used. Clearly, God wanted Moses and the children of Israel to understand the importance of doing what He had commanded them, and do it right.

The opportunity to benefit from His grace…
The privilege of worshipping our God…
The joy of sharing the gospel…

All of these, and so much more, make up the core of our leadership. Let’s do it right!

Leadership View of God…

A recent post of Facebook deserves attention today. Dean Meadows posted, “How a man treats his wife says much about how he views God.”

What a powerful thought to consider regarding the leadership needed within the home. Think about it men. As the leader in our home, we have a responsibility to fulfill the God-given role of leading.

Dean’s post is right. How we treat the wife God has given, speaks to the way we view Him.

How are we leading in our home?