Monthly Archives: July 2018

Golden Opportunities…

What do we see when we look at our families, friends, coworkers, people we meet in the community, or our brothers and sisters sitting on the pew next to us each week?

Consider the golden opportunities everywhere we look.

God told Abraham to lift up his eyes and look in every direction. Jesus told the apostles to lift up their eyes and look at the fields white for harvest.

It is time for us to lift up our eyes and look. The door is open. What will we see when we look through it? What will we do?


The Value of Time…

Paul looked back on his life with spiritual thoughtfulness and wrote, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith…”

The terminology is past tense, but he knew his time was well spent.

When we examine our lives as leaders, can we look back on our influence in the Lord’s kingdom as time well spent?

There will always be areas we wish we could change. We must learn from them and make sure we do not repeat them.

Time is ours to use. I pray we live in a way that we can look back and think it was time well spent.

Power in Leadership…

Why does power appeal to the role of leadership?

Does it involve authority?

Is it control?

Could it be decision-making?

Spiritually, the answer is NO!

Power involves the ability to do something or act in a specific way that directs and influences the behavior and course of others.

Power is about God’s ability to direct and influence the behavior of others.

The word of the cross is God’s power to save. It will save you and me. Our only power comes by sharing it with others? Think Souls.

Leading Where We Need To Go…

We often view the past with great fondness.

We may look to the past with regret over words or actions we cannot change.

We also learn from the past with hope of greater opportunities for the future.

Our leadership must focus on the future. We do not lead people where they have been, but where they need to go.

Paul knew the regret of words and actions from his past, but he chose to focus on what lies ahead.

We, too, must remember the work of spiritual leadership. When it comes to the past, acknowledge it, learn from it, and leave it where it is. Focus on the future.

Think Souls.

Resolving Problems…

All leaders face problems. Arnold Glasow said, “One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.”

What helps us accomplish this advice?

Address problems when they arise.Waiting for problems to resolve themselves, or ignoring them, is a denial of our role as leaders.

Rely on wise counsel.Resolving problems based on our own wisdom and experience can be effective, but Solomon teaches the value of wise counsel.

Learn to delegate.Get others involved in problem resolution. Assigning tasks to others will help create confidence in their abilities to resolve problems.

Our task is to seek a resolution based on God’s word, where real solutions are found.

Consuming Passion…

Are we consumed with work because we find value in the job, or are we passionate about the difference it makes in the lives of others?

Our value comes from God. We were created in His image and covered by the blood of His Son.

Value based in work becomes an insatiable task.

Spiritually, if we are passionate about leading others to a greater relationship with God, the perspective changes.

When we have an intense desire and enthusiasm for the work of the Lord, there is a sense of love and joy in fulfilling the true purpose of life.

Spiritual leadership is worth being passionate about and loving.

What Are The Options?

No one likes flight delays. When waiting for a storm to pass, what are the options?

Taking off in a storm risks the lives of all on board.
Returning to the gate risks unhappy customers.

Religiously, our world seems to offer many options. If we are unhappy with present decisions, we tend to go somewhere else.

The options are limited. We either follow the leadership of Christ or not.

As leaders, we are either for Him or against Him. We either lead others to build on the rock or sand.

The idea of multiple options in following Christ does not exist Biblically.