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Leaders Listen…Part 2

People want to be heard, but who will listen? It is frustrating. We mentioned several reasons yesterday why we need to listen, but what improves our listening ability?

Remove distractions. It is hard to listen when focused on another project. 

Find a quiet place. Time in a quiet place makes listening easier and beneficial.

Devote time to listen. Set aside a specific time to listen.

Stop thinking of a response. This is difficult. It is easier to think about what to say next.

These are a few suggestions. However, if applied, our ability to listen increases and communication improves.


Leaders Listen…Part 1

One of the most challenging, yet key elements in communication is the ability to listen.

There are several reasons leaders must learn the art of listening.

Learning to listen connects us to people on greater levels.
Learning to listen gains a better understanding of their needs.
Learning to listen develops stronger concentration.
Learning to listen shows we care.

The message is not always conveyed through words. Tone of voice and body language play a significant role in the message communicated. We must listen with our ears, eyes, and heart.

As challenging as it is, learning to listen changes the nature of our leadership.

Responsible Leadership…

We live in a culture much like other cultures in generations before us. People desire greatness, but avoid responsibility. Yet, we find several unavoidable applications to this idea of responsibility. Sir Winston Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.”

Responsibility involves duty over someone or something.
Responsibility brings accountability.
Responsibility indicates an obligation.
Responsibility brings an opportunity to act independently and make decisions.
Responsibility determines greatness.

When leaders are responsible, and willing to take responsibility, it inspires others to follow.

Responsibility is the price to be paid. Greatness is the prize.

The Time Is Now…

Today is the first day of the rest of our life. Now is the acceptable time. 

It is time…

It is time for leaders to stand up and lead.
It is time to be men and women of God.
It is time to fulfill our role and responsibility in the home.
It is time for Christians to speak up about their faith.

All we have is right now, and it is time. Do not waste what God has given us. Take advantage of the time we are given and begin now!

It is time to make a difference.

Give It Another Try…

We’ve all heard, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

The idea is to persevere, never give up. 

Regardless of the goal, or task to reach the goal, facing difficulty or defeat can dishearten anyone from running the race with endurance.

If the goal is worth the effort, then we need to persevere.
If we have the needed resources to succeed, then try again.
If there is an opportunity, then keep working at it.

When we think we have reached the end of the line, perhaps giving it one more try, will change it all.

A Matter Of Urgency…

In spiritual leadership, matters of importance are usually set aside for what appears urgent. A friend of mine calls it the “tyranny of the urgent.”

These matters become a distraction, often in the form of emails, texts, phone calls, PMs, and more.

We place immediacy, a sense of urgency, prioritizing these less important matters when, in reality, they are not important.

When we examine our spiritual leadership, what is important or urgent? What requires our immediate attention and action? Do these matters distract or aid us in what is most important?

We need to take what is truly important and make it urgent! Think Souls!

Seeing Him Who Is Unseen…

This statement deals with more than just “seeing” God. What exactly is involved? Consider a little background.

We must consider where we have been. Consider the past year. What mistakes were made? What successes were enjoyed? Was God part of the equation?

We must also consider where we are right now. Are we where we need to be at this time? Will this place provide a basis for where we need to go? Is God part of the equation?

Now we can formulate plans on where to go from here. Seeing God’s part in our past and present allows us to see His hand in our future.

If God is not part of the equation, we do not have a clear vision!