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A Greater Future…

Moving beyond the “here and now” presents its challenges. Visionary leadership is rare. Hanz Finzel said, “The higher one is in leadership, the more their work is about the future.”

Our work involves seeing the future and preparing others to reach the goal(s). This requires us to consider a few questions.

Do we know where we are going?
What are our plans to reach the destination?
Are resources available to help us?
Have we assessed the abilities of everyone involved?

Leaders need an awareness of the present, but point towards a greater future.


Slaying Giants…

When we think of giant slayers, the account of David and Goliath comes to mind. As a leader, David surrounded himself with others of like character.

Of David’s thirty-seven mighty men, at least four were giant slayers.

As leaders, there will be giants that cross our paths. They oppose our efforts to accomplish God’s will, and they take many forms.

We must be able to overcome them and surround ourselves with others of like character.

Great leaders see the qualities in others to achieve success, even if taking out giants is necessary.

Reading More…

What is the best book you have read in the last six months, apart from the Bible? Admittedly, sitting down to read a book is not always a favorite task.

There are several benefits to our leadership when reading.

We expose ourselves to the experience and wisdom of others.
We learn a number of new possibilities.
We expand our understanding in a variety of subjects.
We maintain a fresh perspective.
We develop an ability to think more widely.
We communicate in more well informed ways.

We need to challenge ourselves to improve who we are as leaders. Read more!

Content Leadership…

Contentment is challenging in a world controlled by an insatiable desire for more. Benjamin Franklin said, “Content makes poor men rich. Discontent makes rich men poor.”

How can we achieve contentment? Paul claimed Christ provides such strength, and when godliness accompanies contentment we find great gain.

Contentment takes on a different meaning when thinking about leadership. We must be content with what we have, but never who we are.

Leaders constantly work to develop their ability to lead.

We learn how to grow in fulfilling this God given task from others who are lifelong students of this subject.

Our Greatest Ally…

Leadership is not making things happen on our own. The minute we try to go alone, we are destined for failure.

When David faced Goliath he knew his Ally. Goliath came to the battle equipped and able to fight, but David came with the living God of Israel. Care to guess who wins?

When we come to the battle with the living God by our side, we cannot fail. Paul reminds us of this in Romans 8:31-39.

The lesson is powerful, and we can live with this confidence when God is our greatest Ally.

Courageous Leaders…

Courage has application for everyone. At some point or another, we face various situations and decisions when we need courage. 

Peter Block says, “Courage isn’t done for the sake of being practical. It’s chosen for its own sake. As soon as you make courage practical, you’ve stolen its humanity.”

Courage is rarely developed; rather it is a choice of the moment. As leaders, we face challenging obstacles or decisions and we must choose to act with courage.

The ability to consistently act with courage is a defining mark of great leadership. 

An Elevator to Leadership…

Elevators are convenient, less taxing on the body, and quicker.

How great would it be to take an elevator to the top of leadership? The mind and body would have less stress. We would not experience the process of strategically putting one foot in front of the other. It would surely be more convenient.

However, it does not work this way. Never has. Never will.

We are shaped by our experiences throughout the journey.

There are no quick and easy ways to the top of leadership. The greater our diligence, the greater our leadership.