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Biblical Leaders…Enoch

Enoch is not a great Biblical leader because of the number of people who followed him. Truly, no followers are mentioned.

Enoch is a great Biblical leader because he “walked with God.”

Great leaders are characterized by such a walk. Our eulogies should simply read, “(your name) walked with God.”

Enoch’s walk with God was identified by his faithfulness.

Examining the text of Genesis 5 and Hebrews 11, we learn that a walk of faithfulness pleases God. When we trust completely in the promises of God enough to do what He says, even if it means suffering, we walk with Him.


Biblical Leaders…Moses

Moses was a great Biblical leader. He possessed many qualities we see in other leaders. However, consider these areas.

He started like most of us: He questioned himself and God’s power to use him to lead His people. Not until Moses submitted to God do we find him becoming the leader God needed.

He had flaws: Moses needed patience, and he needed to treat God as holy.

The objective is to learn how God can use us with our flaws and imperfections. If we submit to God, He will make us into the spiritual leaders He needs.

Biblical Leaders…Noah

When we look at biblical leaders, several come to mind. What about Noah stands out that classifies him as a leader?

Character: “Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his time; Noah walked with God.”

Ability to follow: Genesis emphasizes that Noah did all the Lord commanded. Noah followed God.

Fortitude: Noah was a preacher of righteousness. His tenure was 120 years during the building of the ark. Leaders must stand on what is right, even if they must stand alone.

More could be said, but these three areas show Noah to be an example of a great Biblical leader.

Improving Leadership…

To improve is to make someone or something better.

Athletes practice daily to improve their skills. Professionally, people take continuing education classes to improve their abilities. Religiously, we renew ourselves daily because it improves our ability to fulfill God’s will in our lives.

As leaders, we improve ourselves by improving others.

We improve others when we:

…share the hope found in Christ,
…point to the reward of heaven, and
…teach application in word and action.

Everyone needs to improve. The challenge is learning that the greatest way to improve ourselves is by improving the life of others. Think Souls!


It goes without saying that leaders must make sound and timely decisions. There are two key elements we need to develop with this thought.

The first is the idea of sound decisions. From a spiritual leadership perspective, the soundness of one’s decisions is based on a biblical compass.

The second involves the word timely. An impatient, or even impetuous, approach to decision-making can create more difficulty in our leadership. Learning God’s timing helps us greatly.

We build credibility when decisions are made on this basis.

Leading Self…

When we examine our day to day activities we need to ask, “How well do we lead ourselves?”

Thomas J. Watson Sr. said, “Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.”

Have we established specific plans for the year ahead?
Are we disciplined enough to finish each day, and finish strong?

We all influence others. We are leaders.

Now is the time to understand the power of our influence to lead others, but begin with the proper application of leading self.

The Challenge of Change…

Why are people resistant to change? Perhaps they are comfortable with the status quo or fear drifting from the truth.

Obviously, not all change is good, but not all change is bad either.

The challenge we often face is change in areas that address “how we’ve always done it.”

Our methods (NOT THE MESSAGE) may need to change. This is not about change just to do things differently. But, if change increases interest and involvement, and does not violate God’s word, then why would we resist?

It may just be good food for thought.