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A Team…

Being a part of the team is special and powerful.

There are challenges, frustrations, thrills, high-fives, and throughout it all, a sense of accomplishment.

Teams are diligent in preparation, hungry to learn, and always focused on the priority.

Teams face the task of changing lives physically and spiritually.

Teams ask questions, discuss possibilities, work on solutions, and make decisions together.

One goal sets before them. One lifetime is given to accomplish the task.

Through it all, one opportunity has been provided to be a part of this team. The Lord knew the difference made by a team.



The most valuable commodity we have is time. The greatest gift we can give is our time. Leading people requires time. We all have the same amount. How we use it determines the difference we make as leaders.

Solomon said there is a time for everything.

From his birth to death, Jesus was on God’s time. Paul wrote “in the fullness of time God sent forth His Son.” Approaching his final days, Jesus prayed, “Father, the hour has come.”

Paul instructs Christians to use their time wisely because the days are evil.

In this crazy, busy, scheduled life we live as leaders, how are we using our time?

A Compassionate Leader…

Compassion is best described as a feeling of sympathy aroused by the distress of others with a desire to get involved and help. It is easy to see how Jesus would be described this way.

The tougher an environment becomes, the more a leaders’ need for compassion increases. During the challenges of life, the awareness of leadership to the needs of others becomes evident.

A leaders senses must be engaged, observant to the surroundings.

Their hearts must be touched with the situation of others.

The hands of a compassionate leader must act to help.

Compassion is one of the unique qualities spiritual leaders must possess to be like the great leader we have in Christ.

A Leader’s Legacy…

What will remain in the shadow of our leadership 20, 30, 40 or 50 years from now? Is our legacy as a leader intentional? Will our leadership be a shield to protect and provide for others? What legacy will we leave?

A legacy of money will eventually be spent.

A legacy of possessions will quickly fade.

A legacy of service will soon be forgotten.

A legacy of security will be destroyed.

Only a spiritual legacy influences this present life and the life to come.

Are We Connected?

Connecting with people is vital to good leadership. Several elements will help establish this connection.

1) Be transparent.

2) Provide hope.

3) Consistency is essential.

4) Relate to people individually.

5) Find ways to genuinely compliment others.

Leaders who connect lead with passion and integrity. They know and are known by others. Love for others drives a leader’s heart. Reaching the goal motivates a leader’s actions. Staying connected keeps a leader balanced.

Negotiating Leadership…

Negotiation is an effort to reach an agreement or solution through compromise. Most often, there is give and take, thus, compromise.

Spiritual leaders need to exercise caution when it comes to negotiating. Far too often, God’s word is compromised in an attempt to appease a larger majority of people.

Attempts to negotiate, compromise, or change the word of God are futile.

Our leadership should not move people away from God and His word. Rather, our leadership should move people to God and His word.

Communication Skills…

Communication is challenging. We usually think others understand clearly. Often times, we even expect them to read our minds, the old reading between the lines.

However, others do not always understand. Thus, we need to communicate more effectively. Every leader must constantly work to improve their communication skills.

Learn to listen. Stop reading between the lines or thinking of what to say next.

Repeat back what was heard. This step ensures understanding.

Ask questions. This helps clarify areas we might have misunderstood.

Think before responding. Take time to consider a proper response.