A Leadership Reminder…

We all have various ways to remind us of scheduled activities, from sticky notes to Google calendar.

Spiritually, there are events we should not miss.

Where does our gathering with Christians rank in our priorities?
Where does time in prayer and study rank?
Where do family devotionals fit?

These events are matters of choice, and we either make them a priority or place other events before them.

Just a reminder, there is an event scheduled we will attend, a Lord appointed a day.

Since everyone will be there, we should make preparing for it a priority. As Christians, we should eagerly anticipate it. This is a day we do not want to miss!


Leadership Elite…

Elite must mean something special, because it is defined as the best in a particular area or field. Generally, eliteness is associated with power, wealth, or ability.

Spiritual leadership carries an elite characteristic. The idea is not about self-centered power, wealth, or ability. It is about Who makes us elite.

Through the sacrifice of Christ, God’s grace was abundantly provided to us. The result grants God’s elite access to His throne.

Christians are elite. Knowing the outcome of Christ’s work on the cross, we have a responsibility to lead others to share in the access we have with God. Think Souls!

Leadership Legacy…

How we live, not how long, determines the nature of our legacy. Whatever we want to leave behind we must live now.

Abraham Lincoln said, “And in the end it is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.”

How do we want to be remembered when we are gone?

Will we leave behind a physical footprint of life, or spiritual?

Legacy is about living today what we want to be remembered for tomorrow.

Our leadership involves how we live as leaders during our years on earth. It is a thought worth considering.


The history of Independence Day is on the minds of most Americans today. July 4, 1776 brought freedom from the law and rule of England.

The events formulating the history of this nation, like any other, have played a key role in developing the present character of this country.

As Christians, we recognize our freedom from the slavery to sin through Jesus Christ. The price paid bought freedom not for one nation, but for all nations on the earth.

Our role as spiritual leaders is to help others understand and experience this freedom.

Time is too precious to delay. Think Souls.

Mountains and Valleys…

Mountain tops represent the best of life. Our faith is strong and confident. We are positive and easily make decisions.

Valleys bring shadows of darkness. We question our faith, doubt creeps in, attitudes are altered, and we struggle with decisions.

Leaders experience both. Reaching the top and staying there is the path leaders desire to walk.

We are not alone.

The wisdom gained by others is an invaluable gift.

Tomorrow presents new opportunities.

Strength comes from knowing, not emotions.

God still sits on His throne.

We need to focus on the positive, give the negative to God, work on what can be changed, find balance in family, and seek good counsel.

Another Chance…

We all make mistakes. We say and do things we wish we had not, and there are no “easy” or “do-over” buttons. The opportunity to receive another chance depends on how we handle the mistake.

Acknowledge it.

Take responsibility.

Evaluate every possible solution.

Take appropriate action.

Act quickly!

When we approach our mistakes with humility and a decisiveness toward appropriate actions, there is opportunity for one more chance.

Is this not what God has done for us?

Finishing Well…

Challenges are often overwhelming. The various challenges leaders face often distract and/or discourage. During these times, it is important to ask, “Will we finish well?”

Finishing well requires a few simple steps.

Determine the priorities. Discouragement leads to quitting. We cannot allow this to happen. Know what is worth dying for and give ourselves to it.

Work hard. The reason given as the secret to success for anyone in leadership is a simple, but powerful truth. They work hard.

Keep your eye on the goal. Challenges bring distractions. Peter encouraged Christians facing persecution to keep their focus.

How well we finish is just as important as how we begin.